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James Golding

Heathrow Head of Cargo Golding, joins 2023 Air Cargo Tech Summit

The Air Cargo Next editorial team is pleased to announce that James Golding, head of cargo at Heathrow Airport, will join the panel discussion “Cargo community systems and vertical data integration” at the Air Cargo Tech Summit in Belgium on Sept. 18-19.

Golding’s session will begin at 3:30 p.m. local time on Sept. 19.

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The panel will address methods for streamlining cargo ops, exploring the costs and risks associated with an airport cargo community system (CCS), airport digitalization and best practices for involving more airport stakeholders in a CCS.

“As the U.K.’s largest port by value, Heathrow plays a critical role in global trade,” Golding told Air Cargo Next. “We are working with our airline and handler partners to introduce slot booking for landside cargo deliveries and collections, reducing congestion and improving the throughput time of cargo through the airport.”

Golding has been head of cargo at Heathrow since 2021. He previously served in a variety of management roles since joining the hub in 2011 as a development graduate.

“We are also exploring opportunities with the U.K. government to ensure outdated legacy ways of working at the border are adapted to best fit today’s operations, using the intelligence from our cargo community system to support more efficient cargo flows around Heathrow,” Golding said.

Air Cargo Tech Summit 2023 will provide two days of discussions, panel conversations and networking events with experts in the airfreight industry. Topics to be addressed include digital booking, innovations in ground handling and warehousing, digital records, drones and more.

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