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Joke op Den Acker

Brussels Airport’s Op den Acker joins Air Cargo Tech Summit

The Air Cargo Next editorial team is pleased to announce that Joke Op den Acker, senior IT product manager-for cargo at Brussels Airport Co., will join the panel discussion “Cargo community systems and vertical data integration” at 3:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at the Air Cargo Tech Summit, set for Sept. 18-19 in Brussels.  

View the full agenda for the summit here.  

The panel will address streamlining cargo operations, exploring the costs and risks associated with an airport cargo community system (CCS), airport digitalization and best practices for involving more airport stakeholders in a CCS. 

Op den Acker brings more than a decade of experience in data management, data quality, standardization of data exchanges and IT projects. She has been with Brussels Airport Co. since 2016 in various roles, including data services manager and operational performance manager. 

“Sharing data with and by the cargo community for the greater purpose of operational efficiency makes sure that, with a rather low amount of effort and cost, you, as a community, are gaining a lot more than you would have by optimizing your point-to-point relationships,” Op den Acker told Air Cargo Next. 

“Second to that, now the community has an end-to-end view, functioning as a single version of the truth, by means of one platform,” she said. “This makes sure that we are all looking at the same data, the same situation, and are able to make a collaborative decision.” 

Air Cargo Tech Summit 2023 will provide two days of discussions, panel conversations and networking events with experts in the airfreight industry. Topics include digital booking, innovations in ground handling and warehousing, digital records, drones and more.  

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