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Sam Quintelier

BRU’s Quintelier joins Air Cargo Tech Summit 2023

The Air Cargo Next editorial team is pleased to announce that Sam Quintelier, senior business and network development manager at Brussels Airport Company, will join the panel discussion “Digital records go mainstream: Best practices for the air cargo ecosystem” at the Air Cargo Tech Summit 2023, taking place Sept. 18-19 in Brussels.  

The panel session will begin at 1:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Sept. 19.  

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The panel will discuss where the industry stands with e-air waybills, how digital customs clearance platforms can cut expenses and the need for collaboration with global regulators to streamline digital record adoption. 

“Digitalizing air waybills, customs and records is of utmost importance to the industry for several reasons,” Quintelier told Air Cargo Next. Benefits he listed include: 

  • Enhanced efficiency and speed from reducing or even eliminating manual paperwork;  
  • Cost savings from eliminating paper costs and employee hours; and 
  • Improved accuracy from automating data validation and reducing human error. 

“Despite the compelling benefits, some industry players may be hesitant to embrace digitalization due to concerns about some disruptions to their existing processes, which could eat into their margins,” he said. “However, the long-term advantages of digitalization should outweigh these short-term challenges. Encouraging collaborations, offering incentives and providing training programs can help businesses overcome resistance to change and fully leverage the benefits of digital transformation.” 

At Brussels Airport (BRU), Quintelier focuses on perishable and live animal transportation logistics. He helped develop and launch the Animal Care & Inspection Centre at BRU and liaises with regulatory bodies such as Belgium’s Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain and customs. 

Air Cargo Tech Summit 2023 will provide two days of discussions, panel conversations and networking events with experts in the airfreight industry. Some topics to be addressed include digital booking, innovations in ground handling and warehousing, digital records, drones and much more.  

Register for Air Cargo Tech Summit 2023 here and learn more about the summit here. 

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