John Dees

Senior Decarbonization Scientist
Carbon Direct

John initially trained as a geographer, where he developed a technical background in geospatial analysis and remote sensing. His interests later shifted to energy and climate. His master’s thesis investigated interest group politics in state-level renewable energy policy. 

John’s PhD work focused on the intersection of industrial ecology and climate economics. In his dissertation, he employed life cycle and techno-economic assessment methods to assess the potential for bio-based products and fuels to remove carbon from the atmosphere. As an extension of that work, he employs integrated assessment models to assess the value of temporary carbon storage. John brings an interdisciplinary background to bear across client engagements, from technical project reviews to policy expertise. 

During his PhD, John collaborated with the Energy Systems team at Lawrence Livermore National Lab to quantify the technical and economic potential for low-carbon ethanol, sustainable aviation fuel, and carbon removal in the broader bioeconomy.