Angel Cabeza

Head of Innovation/BP/Digital Strategy
IAG Cargo

Angel Cabeza is a leader in the aviation and cargo industry, recognized for his innovative and strategic approach to IT and technology. As Head of Innovation, BP, and Digital Strategy at IAGCargo, Angel is leading the Digital Automation and Innovation initiatives, with a special focus in practical uses of Digital Automation, Artificial Intelligence and LowCode.

In IAGCargo he spearheaded the definition of the IT strategy and the implementation of the combined IAGCargo Revenue Management platform, and he led the distribution and technology strategy, realizing significant synergy benefits and cost savings. His tenure at Iberia as Head of IT Products and Network Development further showcased his expertise in designing and managing cargo networks and IT portfolios.

Angel’s academic foundation includes a Bachelor’s in Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a Master’s in Industrial Economics with a focus on Transport Economics, and PhD studies in Economics from Universidad de Alcalá, specialized in Game Theory. His diverse educational and professional background underpins his innovative leadership in the cargo and aviation sectors.