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Julio Sanchez

DG Director Manager, DGM Florida

Julio Sanchez is the DG Director Manager for DGM Florida LLC. At DGM Florida he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the hazardous material department as well as the hazardous training for the local market. As well as performing company Audits to assure they follow all state and local requirements as well as ensuring that the logistics customers follow international regulations as well. Julio Sanchez has been in the logistics community for 24 years In the Miami market.

He believes it is better to do something right the first time. The long-term goal for Julio and DGM Florida is to ensure that everyone is aware of the inherent risk involved in shipping hazardous material. It is always better to be proactive instead of reactive.

He has worked and assisted companies like DHL Global Forwarding, Hellmann Logistics, Bollore Logistics. He has worked with Companies Like Nasa and SpaceX. Julio is a certified Hazardous Material Instructor and has provided training for Large Manufacturers such as Zebra technologies, Cipla Laboratories as well as the Bahamian Civil Aviation.

His passion and commitment to the proper transportation of hazardous materials has allowed him to stand out in the Miami Logistics community.