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Donna M. Mullins

Vice President, Kale Info Solutions

In June 2020, Donna opened the USA offices of Kale Info Solutions, a division of Kale Logistics Solutions based in India.  Kale is a next-gen solutions provider with in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise.  Kale has created a suite of comprehensive IT enterprise systems, including UPLIFT, our Airport Community System single window platform.  Kale’s community and enterprise solutions cater to a wide network of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) who have strengthened and improved their operational and business capabilities globally.
Donna still serves as President and CEO of Mullins International Solutions, LLC and Mullins International Academy.
Prior to starting Mullins International Solutions, a compliance training and consulting firm for the international trade industry, Donna served as Branch Manager for the Atlanta office of CV International.  Prior to joining CVI, Donna was President and CEO of Alpha Sun International an independent freight forwarder and customs broker. She had the company for 7 years before merging. In March 2010, Donna merged her company, Alpha Sun International, Inc in with CVI.

Donna has served in the international transportation community since 1982, where she began as an importer of wholesale merchandise. Upon leaving the import side of the trade, Donna started her career in the brokerage and transportation arena.